A Short Visit to The City of Rome

Last year I had the pleasure of visiting the City of Rome as part of a tour of Italy. What an amazing place it is. Although I was only there for a day it has inspired me to go again as soon as possible.

Rome is full of history as well as of course, for the Vatican, the residence of The Pope, the head of the Roman Catholic Church. It is a city full of marvellous architecture and history at every turn. Apparently there is also much underground that was built by the Romans at the height of their world domination.

Although only having a short time, my tour started at The Vatican, took in the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps and many other places along the way.

The Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy
The Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain is at the end point of an old Roman aqueduct, the Aqua Vergine which brings fresh water from 20 kilometres away and was restored in 1453 from the Aqua Virgo (built 19 BC) and derives its name from that. The old Romans were masters at water management. The fountain was commissioned by Pope Clement XII in 1730. Tourists can drink the water from a special tap which is at one side of the monument.

I visited on a Sunday and so The Vatican was packed with thousands of people who had come to hear the Pope, so a decision was made to move away from the heaving masses. I crossed over the River Tiber opposite the Vatican and walked through narrow roads with lovely shops and cafes that opened into squares with trees, an ideal spot to take shelter from the hot sun. This area could have been in anyone one of the small Italian towns that I visited during my tour of Italy rather than being part of a large city.

Typical open square, Rome, Italy
One of the beautiful squares that the narrow streets open into

One day I hope to return to Rome and investigate this beautiful city in greater detail and spend time at the historic properties and museums. When I do, I will certainly take time to write about it here. Please also read my post about the beautiful island of Isola Bella at Lake Maggiore.

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  1. Love the pictures . You actually did a lot in such a short time there. The closest thing to Rome that I’ll get to see is Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas !


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