Listen to the Rhythm of the Pouring Rain

Many of our memories are connected to sounds. These sounds can evoke in us very different feelings stretching from sadness to joy and from peace to anger. What one sound can mean to you can be greatly different in someone else.

I love to hear the sound of rain. It takes me back to my childhood when we used to take family holidays staying in caravans on the east coast of England. With British weather being what it is, we would often have rain which could confine us at times to staying inside the caravan listening to the patter of rain on the roof. The memories this evokes though are of the happy times playing family games and chatting with each other. There were no mobile phones and Internet in those days to make us so insular!

Another sound is that of the birds singing, particularly in the spring as life wakens up after winter. There are some birds who’s raucous call, such as gulls can at certain times be annoying, especially at 5am!

Music of course, brings back memories and creates feelings of different moods. It has been used for millennia to inspire people into battle or raise their spiritual feelings. The TV and movie industry use music constantly to create the mood of what is on the screen. We all have our favourite pieces of music and songs and some that we just hate!

It is said that, “you can never judge a book by its cover” and you can never tell what type of music people like or loathe unless you get to know them. The most unlikely person based on appearances I have met, told me how he loved Baroque music but when looking at him with his dreadlocks you might have guessed reggae or rap!

I am sure that we all have hundreds of sounds locked into our minds that will bring back memories with many more still to be developed. Research into dementia is showing the value of music to help sufferers have a better quality of life and bring back happy feelings showing just how deep inside us sounds are stored.

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