My Favourite YouTubers Part 3 – Cruising the Cut

We now come to number 3 in my series of blog posts, My Favourite YouTubers. Today we take to the water and recommend, Cruising The Cut. Find out what it is like cruising on England’s and Wales’ canals and waterways in a narrowboat. David John’s gave up his job as an ITV local news reporter in South East England, sold his house and bought a narrowboat.

With regular video postings, the channel is a relaxing way to tour the canals and waterways. David produces excellent videos telling us about life on the narrowboat, and we see plenty of splendid scenery along the way.

Why Cruising the Cut?

Many may wonder about the title of the channel. A cut is another name for a canal as the canal had to be cut out of the landscape and be filled with water. England’s canals go back many years and were all cut by thousands of navvies. The first pure canal in England was the Bridgewater Canal, which initially connected Worsley to Manchester. It was named after the 3rd Duke of Bridgewater, who owned many of the coal mines in the North East of the country. The first stretch was opened in 1761, but it was later extended so that it ran all of the way from Runcorn to Leigh.
Canals were relatively short-lived with the advent of the railway, and the majority fell into disrepair and complete closure. There has thankfully been a renaissance with many canal trusts established to repair and reopen many, and there are still many more planned for restoration. The canals nowadays are busy with pleasure traffic and those like David who choose to live on them.
Please do take a look at the channel, Cruising The Cut, you won’t be disappointed.

My Favourite YouTubers