English Grammar and Spelling Errors





Some Common English Errors

No one is perfect when it comes to spelling and grammar; we all make mistakes. It is why there are proofreaders in this world! The errors become compounded by modern technology which can cause issues with auto-correct. All too often, especially on the small screen of a mobile phone, it is easy to fail to spot the auto spell has changed a word which you correctly typed. 
There are several increasingly common errors which to be fair to software creators are operator caused. Shall we take a look at some of these? 
The added ‘k’.
The word something and nothing is being pronounced, even by people in high positions, as nothink and somethink. What happened to the letter g? Just typing this is making my software get jittery. 
Have and of
Far too often, I now read social media posts and hear in a person\’s speech the following phrases.
“I should of”
“I could of”
“I would of”
The word ‘of’ is incorrect and of course, should be the word ‘have’. 
I am assuming because we tend to abbreviate (contraction) ‘should have’ to ‘should’ve’. The ve sound is getting pronounced as ‘of’ instead of the ending part of the word have. 
The same sound – with different spellings and meanings.
Bored/Board you can be bored in your job. Passenger board a ship. You can chop vegetables on a wooden board.
Brake/Break a car will brake to a stop. You can break a pot.
Loose/Lose not quite the same sound when pronounced, or shouldn’t be, but is often miswritten. 
Loose – an item of clothing can be too loose, or a rope can become loose.
Lose – a team can lose the game, you can lose your money.
These are just a few of the many mistakes that I see frequently. Which misspellings or poor English usage upsets you the most? Please leave a comment in the box below.