Springtime – my favourite time

Springtime is one of my favourite times of the year. Following winter, which can often be wet and gloomy, there is usually more sunshine and, of course, longer days. Spring 2021 officially begins in the northern hemisphere on March 20th.

Already as we approach spring, we see signs of new life as the early plants pop up through the ground and some trees display blossom. There is a distinct sound of birdsong as our feathered friends pair up and start to nest. Yes, spring is a beautiful time to look and listen as new life starts to abound and produce that feeling of optimism.

It\’s a time to get out for those country walks.  It is time to enjoy life found in fields and woods. For those close to the sea, the sounds and sights of coastal life. Take your camera and capture memories for the future, especially in the depths of next winter, to remind you that spring will be just around the corner.