The Atwell-Wilson Motor Museum

I have been meaning to visit this museum for many years and finally have got around to it!

The Atwell-Wilson Motor Museum is located in Calne, Wiltshire. It’s a compact and small museum but has land around it to host events throughout the year. The museum was founded by Richard and Hasell Atwell who had a car collection which formed the basis to start the museum in 1981. In 1997 a charitable trust was formed to take over the museum.

There is a fine collection of cars, motorcycles, bicycles and more, which will provide you with much to see. Each car is well explained and you will learn a lot from the information boards. You could spend many hours here, but keep in mind that there isn’t a cafe, so do bring your own food and drink if required. There is plenty of parking.

In addition to the vehicles there is plenty of memorabilia, an excellent die-cast car collection and a replica workshop. I know I will be going back again!

Please do visit the museum it is very well run by a good group of volunteers and full details are on the website. The cost in 2021 is £7 for an adult, but for just £10 you can become a friend of the museum and have a year’s access. You might also like to get more involved if you do. A family friends past is £20 which allows the 2 adults and up to 3 children.

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