A Walk Around Warminster, Wiltshire

There are many interesting towns in Wiltshire. The buildings in these towns and the stories they tell are well worth exploring. It is all too easy to walk through a town centre and look in the shop windows and fail to look up and see something of the former glory of them. In this video … Continue reading A Walk Around Warminster, Wiltshire

My Favourite YouTubers Part 4 – Living Big in a Tiny House

Many of us dream about living a simpler life and being mortgage-free. Some have achieved that dream by living in tiny houses. In this series of YouTuber recommendations, I am pleased to tell you about Living Big in a Tiny House, hosted by Bryce Langston. Bryce is a New Zealand based actor who found himself, as … Continue reading My Favourite YouTubers Part 4 – Living Big in a Tiny House

The Tithe Barn Bradford on Avon

The Tithe Barn in Bradford on Avon is a remarkable building and has stood here for over 600 years. Built around 1400 it served Shaftesbury Abbey collecting the tithes of the local farmers. It stands next to the Kennet and Avon Canal, and so if you're walking or cycling on the Sustrans Route 4, it's … Continue reading The Tithe Barn Bradford on Avon

Bowerhill RAF Airbase – RAF Melksham

RAF Melksham the last remaining building and closed leisure centreWorld War 2 created a massive demand for aircrew and aircraft technicians amongst many other vital trades for the war effort. In 1940 land was obtained at Bowerhill Melksham, for a new RAF (Royal Air Force) Station. RAF Melksham was an airbase though without a runway. … Continue reading Bowerhill RAF Airbase – RAF Melksham

Out and About – The City of Bath – Pulteney Bridge

Pulteney Bridge is one of only four in the world where you will find shops built on it. The City of Bath is a World Heritage Site and has some wonderful buildings, including the Roman Baths. I had to go to Bath, even though in Lockdown due to Covid-19 as my daughter had to register … Continue reading Out and About – The City of Bath – Pulteney Bridge

My Favourite YouTubers Part 3 – Cruising the Cut

We now come to number 3 in my series of blog posts, My Favourite YouTubers. Today we take to the water and recommend, Cruising The Cut. Find out what it is like cruising on England's and Wales' canals and waterways in a narrowboat. David John's gave up his job as an ITV local news reporter … Continue reading My Favourite YouTubers Part 3 – Cruising the Cut

Prevention is Better Than Cure

Karolina Grabowska from Pexels Prevention is better than cure is an age-old saying. However, when it comes to our health, there is a huge amount of money spent on research and cures, and it seems very little on prevention. Here in the UK Matt Hancock the Government Health and social care Secretary told BBC Radio, "In the … Continue reading Prevention is Better Than Cure