Eyam – The Plague village

The village of Eyam, Derbyshire has an amazing story to tell. The villagers isolated themselves from 1665 in order to save others from the Bubonic Plague (Black Death). In this video, I show you around the village and you will see some of the names of those who perished. https://youtu.be/_UDBs4CZ2Xc

A Walk Around Stourhead Gardens

I have previously written about Stourhead Gardens. It is one of the places that I like to visit on a regular basis, and as a member of the National Trust means that I don't have to pay on each visit. I am pleased to share my most recent video with you in this video. Please … Continue reading A Walk Around Stourhead Gardens

Radstock to Frome old Railway Line

Many disused railway lines in the UK have become important as cycling and walking routes. They often pass through beautiful countryside and offer a tranquil path away from motorised traffic. The town of Radstock in Somerset offers much in the way of these old railway tracks. This town was once very prosperous due to the … Continue reading Radstock to Frome old Railway Line

Trevi Fountain

A Brief Tour of Italy

In May 2016 I had the pleasure of going on a grand tour of Italy by coach. The tour company Legers is well known in the UK for their coach tours and never having done such a tour before it was like going into the unknown. This trip is called a 'Taste of Italy' and is … Continue reading A Brief Tour of Italy