Looking with Fresh Eyes – An Antidote to the Lockdown

The Coronavirus pandemic has certainly brought great stress to many people. Many of us have been or are now locked down with little room for movement, which can lead to frustration and depression. Here in the UK, we are allowed limited movement in the form of exercise or essential travel, such as going to work … Continue reading Looking with Fresh Eyes – An Antidote to the Lockdown

It’s Good to Walk

Many countries, including the United Kingdom, have been in lockdown due to the Coronavirus. Many people have therefore lost the ability to get out and about and engage in keep fit activity and sports. The U.K Government has allowed its citizens the opportunity to get outside for a period of exercise each day as well … Continue reading It’s Good to Walk

Walking in Jersey Channel Islands and stunning coastal scenery

Walking in Jersey, Channel Islands

Walking in Jersey is a real delight with its beautiful coastline and hidden countryside gems. Although the island is quite small (9 by 5 miles) it is packed with things to see and places to safely walk. The north coast is known for its cliff top walks, lovely bays and coves to explore. The west … Continue reading Walking in Jersey, Channel Islands